A Moveable Feast Catering Kitchen Protocol



  • All deliveries, including food, packaging, and miscellaneous items, will have a designated drop off area.
  • Sanitizing products and packaging before being properly stored on shelves and in clear plastic bins.
  • Immediate removal of cardboard from kitchen.

Food Safety

  • Staff temperatures to be monitored. If you feel you have an elevated body temperature, please inform the kitchen and stay home.
  • Hand washing guidelines posted at all sinks throughout the kitchen and offices.
  • Sanitizing products are available throughout the kitchen to be used with disciplined frequency.
  • All surfaces to be wiped down regularly with bleach water and or sanitizing products.


  • Masks – Available to all staff working in the kitchen and to be worn while preparing food and speaking to fellow co-workers.
  • Aprons, Jackets and Bar Cloths – Provided through Canadian Linen. Weekly service, providing us with clean items.
  • Aprons – Only to be used once daily and then laundered.
  • Bar Cloths – All cloths to be disposed of at the end of each day for laundering.
  • Latex Gloves – To be used daily with all food production and handling and replaced frequently with fresh and clean gloves.


  • All AMF vehicles are stocked with gloves, masks and hand sanitizers.
  • All surfaces in the vehicles will be sanitized and maintained on a daily basis.
  • Drivers will wear masks and gloves at all times when entering private homes and office buildings.


  • We will work together to provide a quick and seamless pickup of any items belonging to AMF Catering, once the event is complete.
  • Please make sure all items are rinsed and stored in clear bags, provided with your delivery.
  • A pickup list is attached to your delivery to ensure all¬†items are accounted for and placed together for pickup.