As we go into the cooler months, we will definitely see a different approach to gatherings, and in turn, our catering process. As there are some
restrictions still in place, we must continue to be smart and respectful of the situation, while also maintaining human connection and the joy of being
around each other. Not only does the New Fall and Winter Menu incorporate our signature flavours, but it is also consistently conscious of
the safety and the well-being of all of you.

We have kept most of the popular items offered during the summer months, while incorporating
packaged meals that will keep us warm and healthy through the months ahead. The following items are complete individually packaged and
recyclable meals, tasty appetizers that are safe and esthetically pleasing, keeping in mind the safety of your guests, and a variety of safety
precautions we have implemented with our small buffets.

As we stand by all of the orders put through by the Provincial Government and our beloved Dr. Henry, we will cooperate fully with all of their guidelines. We will gladly work together with you to offer as many safe and tasty options as possible, smart logistics, and ensuring that all of us stay safe and healthy.

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