Welcome to our School Lunch Program Page! We proudly serve over a dozen schools across the North Shore with our Hot and Cold Lunch Programs. We currently offer both a Hot Pasta Lunch Menu and a Deli Day Menu. We would love the opportunity to speak with you regarding your schools’ needs for the programs. We provide cost effective and homemade creations for your children. The following list gives you a peek into what we can offer. We are always looking at new and exciting dishes that the kids will enjoy and your input inspires us. All items are delivered to the schools in heat proof bags.  Food is packed in recyclable, biodegradable and microwaveable containers. Please note that all menu items must be ordered at a minimum quantity of 10 each. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pasta Day

Sandwiches and Subs

All sandwiches are made on your choice of white or whole wheat bread with green lettuce and non-hydrogenated margarine, including a packet of mayo and mustard in the sandwich bag. Customization of each sandwich is also available

Burgers, Pizzas & More

Rice Bowls

Rice bowls available in large size only

Soup Selections

All soups are school approved Knorr products, available in large size only

Fresh Hand Cut Salads

Fun Snack Boxes

Sweet Treats